This method consists in removing air from the interior of a container so that food can have a life with greater extension and allows that they retain their organoleptic properties without that oxygen hurt them.
● Allows the process of maturation of the meat, which is to let the meat a long period
packed vacuum for the purpose carried out changes in its structure and composition so that enzymes, which enhance the aroma, texture, occur the consistency and flavor of the meat.
● Prevents the meat from cold burns and dehydration of the product.
● Reduces shrinkage of the product.
● Greater quality and hygiene
since preserves it the vacuum, away from any kind of manipulation.
● Preserves all the natural juices that make it more food and appetizing, producing only a small merma.
● Prevents contamination by odors that passed from one product to another, and can store different products in an environment.


It is the process of transformation through which it gives shape to a plastic sheet using heat and empty, so you can take certain forms. Friogán S.A. uses thermoforming technique to pack up our meat packages or small portions, which can range from 200 to 900 grams, being available for sale without suffering alterations in their properties and without the necessary to
reduce its size for delivery to the final consumer. This process is given an added value to our product, allowing life to continue, reducing the handling at the point of sale, avoiding to lose their juiciness, eliminating any risk of contamination by meat handling. Guaranteeing an excellent product with high standards of
quality to our clients.
● Extends the useful life of the product.
● Guarantees the tenderness and juiciness.
● Prevents dehydration.
● Does not require that the product be frozen.
Personal or family packages presentation.


Our range of product not only allows us to deliver to the customer and consumer products packaged to vacuum and thermoformed, but also traditional products, which are porcionan and deliver direct customer for its preparation and consumption.
In this case, cuts or pieces of meat are divided or porcionan facilitating the breakdown of the fibers of the meat so that your cooking is easier, this portioning can be done according to the requirements of the customer, the main are portions of mariposa, in beef and in medallions.
They are delivered to the customer on the amounts and presentations chosen.
The life of this product is lower, due to processes of packaged to vacuum and thermoformed guarantee prolongation of this, however, the product is delivered for immediate consumption or cooling consumer.


Achieve the best tenderness, texture, aroma and taste of our meat is a challenge we have ever faced. Why Friogán our meats are matured, because ripening develops enzymes
that improve its structure and composition. Also avoid that the properties of the meat are affected by oxidation, loss of juiciness and handling of food. To provide a better
experience to the consumer at the time of eating meat. This procedure is done keeping vacuum cuts or BBS for at least two weeks, decreasing the hardness and making the meat more tender


Tenderness is a feature of the flesh like juiciness, flavor, aroma and texture. It is defined as the difficulty or ease with which a meat can be cut or chew.
As all characteristic tenderness is determined by biological processes, and is made worse by environmental, management, and genetic factors.
Environmental factors
by environmental, management, and genetic factors.
Environmental factors
● Age, increasing the age of the animal the tenderness diminishes.
● Sex in castrated male tenderness is greater than entire males.
● Feeding of the animal produces a higher collagen
Management factors:
● Stress prior to the slaughter of animals produces the release of adrenal hormones, generating the muscles to contract and the hardness is generated.
● Time of ripening
● Genetic factors
● The breed of the animal


Traceability is a set of actions, measures and technical procedures that will help identify and register each product from its birth until the end of the marketing chain. Traceability allows you to trace the chain of production and gives producers the possibility to place their products
in more profitable target markets, requiring the certainty of the origin and the different stages of the production process.
In Friogán we guarantee the operational characteristics of our processes, from individual identification, by means of a consecutive
numerical assignment of animals, since entering the plants until the time of distribution of the meat. This allows us to have the necessary records to know at any time the various stages of the animal as: provenance, sacrifice, and distribution.