In Friogán provide the benefit of cattle beef and Bufalino, providing the following products:● Chilled carcass ● Meat in refrigerated quarters All are intended for human consumption, complying with the standards of quality and safety, being processed in our plant by a suitable staff that respects and complies with the standards defined by the health authority and the company. The benefit process follows a traceability that identifies the origin and destination of our products, from pens to the dispatch and delivery of meat in any link in the chain.
Friogán delivers to its customers not only a product that meets specifications, but also a process of clean benefit and zones of adequacy and storage channels, half-carcases and quarters, spacious, well distributed, that prevent kickbacks and that is reflected in our microbiological conditions. In addition, we have been concerned to understand the current market and offer our customers services benefit that conform to local, national and international market needs, as well as a traditional or religious sacrifice, backed by our certifications. We currently have Halal certification in our
plants (Corozal and La Dorada) with products that are processed under the sacrifice of the Islamic rite. This with the purpose of approaching all our potential and give a wide range of services. Our benefit service includes: ● Reception, showered and weighing of animals in corrals. ● Quarantine pen prior to slaughter. ● Traditional sacrifice or Halal. ● Faenado and preparation of carcases or half-carcases. ● Preparation of the white viscera and viscera red wash


We offer the service of cutting or cutting of channels Bovinas and Bufalinas, taking into account the specifications of the customer and the proposed sheet Assembly, this cutting complies with national and international regulations allowing us to refill these markets. Our services cover the cutting of a beef in natural anatomical decomposition, separation of muscles or paqueteado meat and products delivered as a result of the cutting or cutting process are as follows: ● BBS with primary cutting meat packed vacuum. ● Packaged meat in cutting large cuts in relay vacuum.
● Beef in packed special cutting vacuum relay. ● Relay primary bulk cutting meat ● Meat in coaching with cutting blasting or large cuts in bulk. ● Meat in posts with special cutting bulk. The training of our staff allows us to deliver to the client a combination of meat with cleaning BBS grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4, based on the target market and customer requirements. All cuts are produced according to specifications and special requirements of customers, in terms of the variety, size, packaging and labeling; providing a complete and personalized service. In all production processes we apply policies of
good manufacturing practices (GMP), guaranteeing the application of exacting standards in our plants, making a final product of excellent quality according to the needs and demands of the consumer final. Some cuts are:
● Strip Loin
● Tenderloin
● Top Sirloin Cap
● Top (Inside) Round
● Tri-Tip
● Top Sirloin Butt/Rump
● Knuckle (Sirloin Tip)
● Hind Shank
● Hump


Once is the anatomical separation of cuts of meat, our staff and facilities are able to pre-empt operations cycle III of processing which consist in reducing the post of meat and set it aside as per the specifications of our customer.
This separation is to open the cut of meat, portioned cuts butterfly, medallions, steak, chop in Julienne, buckets and provide meat grinding services, delivering the product in the following presentation: ● Vacuum packages.
● Portions to the empty weight defined in sheet. ● Portions in thermoforming. ● Parts in bulk. This process of portioning can go with lots of fixed weight or without restrictions of weight per serving as required by the customer.


The rooms of packaged product are adjacent to the cutting process, which has trained in cuts of meat, management of inputs and on standards of quality and safety. In these areas the cuts or resulting from the process of cutting meat BBS or the resulting from the process of portioning
are received. Here are the following products: ● Vacuum-packaged product. ● Product in bulk (in baskets). ● Product packaged to vacuum and shrink. ● Product thermoforming. ● Special laminates and packaging product.
Every type of packaging including labelling or labeling product according to 2005 5109. In the process of packaging guarantees the traceability of our product batch process, delivering yields and loads necessary information to our customers.


We offer the service of pig slaughter from Villavicencio plant for local, regional and national companies. Framed within the compliance with high quality standards. The process of slaughter and dressing of pigs, allows to deliver pork channels, clean and
disinfected as well as meat products and by-products generated from this process to our customers. The benefit of pigs, allows to guarantee the stunning of animals, avoiding that they suffer or feel pain, thus complying with all standards of welfare.
Work includes cleaning activities and preparation of pork carcass, leaving the channel list for refrigeration and delivery to the customer. Apply staff known for pig processing and food processing standards defined by the health authority.


The company's logistics operations include storage-chilled or frozen meat and meat food products, as well as picking and dispatch of products for shops, batch or according to customer requirements. ● Inbound Logistics: includes the reception of raw materials and inputs, the compliance of management of bovine, porcine and bufalino.
● Storage Logistics: includes channels, edible and inedible meat products inventory management. Plants of Friogán storage systems include rooms with facilities for cooling channels, edible meat products, product packaged under vacuum or in bulk and finished product packaging to vacuum or bulk freezing and edible meat products.
● Picking and enlistment: these operations include the separation of lots of product by courts, by boxes or orders of the customer and the enlistment by shops, institutional serial or according to customer's order. ● Logistics of output: corresponds to clearance, transport and distribution of product operations.